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Citroën fights school bullying with Ami in Italy

The Citroën Ami in a school against bullying in Italy

For several years now, Citroën has been committed to the new generations, building on the success of Ami with "GenerationAmi", which aims to educate the younger generations about electric mobility, but Citroën has gone further and decided to take action against bullying in schools.

After its debut in high schools with the project "GënerationAMI - at the school of electric mobility", Citroën confirms its closeness to the new generations for the school year 2023 - 2024 by getting involved in the new training project "GënerationAMI - at the school to fight sexual harassment", aimed at 700 classes and more than 17,000 students to support the fight against harassment. On this occasion, the new educational campaign against harassment, created in collaboration with the National Centre against Bullying - Bulli Stop and sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, is being managed and developed by Neways, a communication and educational projects company.

The new initiative focuses on the fight against bullying and cyberbullying: a social scourge that is unfortunately very widespread in our schools, starting from primary school. According to the VI 2022 survey of the HBSC Italia monitoring system, 15% of Italian adolescents (one in six) say they have been victims of bullying and cyberbullying at least once in their lives. So why is Citroën Ami talking about bullying again? As soon as it was launched, it was the "victim" of cyberbullying on social networks: the public judged it on its "looks", the result of an innovative and daring design, without understanding its real merits and potential in terms of sustainable mobility. But today, with more than 13,000 orders and a 60% market share in the electric quadricycle sector, AMI is a great success! The message that AMI wishes to promote and pursue is therefore the following: "It's our differences that make us unique.

The project will be developed in two phases: the first consists of sending a digital educational kit on the fight against bullying and cyberbullying to all participating classes, with the aim of providing schools, students, teachers and parents with all the information they need to understand and combat this phenomenon. Pupils and teachers will also have the opportunity to learn more about sustainable mobility by discovering the Citroën Ami.

The kit also includes a final questionnaire that allows children to test what they have learnt and, at the end of the compilation, to receive a certificate of participation enabling them to obtain training credits. Filling in the questionnaire will also enable them to take part in the GënerationAMI competition, which will award one winner, drawn at random from all the participants who have answered the questions correctly, a free 6-month loan to use Citroën AMI and a €500 voucher to purchase technology packages for the winner's school.

The website www.géné, in its section dedicated to the "anti-harassment school", constitutes a complementary educational and informative support to learn about the project, to access the space to complete the final questionnaire and to consult the rules for participating in the competition. The project is also present on the website, in a dedicated section that is a real information hub.

In conclusion, Citroën is successfully creating a real link between Ami and the young generations who are its target customers, because not only is Italy the second market for Ami, but Ami is also responding to the problems of young people and even experiencing the same things as them, comparing the criticism expressed at its launch to cyber harassment. A clever and ingenious way for Citroën Italy to associate Ami with the younger generations and to have it tested and discovered by as many of them as possible.

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