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Citroën enriches the C3 range in India

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Launched on July 20 in India, the new Citroën C3 has a relatively small range with two finishes and two engines, showing the caution of the brand seeking to progress profitably for a sustainable presence. At the start of the year, Citroën is enriching the range of the new C3 by making it possible to combine the most powerful engine with a lower finish.

Indeed, since the launch of the new C3, the 1.2 Puretech 110hp engine, the most powerful engine offered, was only with the highest finish called Feel Pack Vibe associated with the two-tone roof, this proposal serving as the top of the range of C3 in India. However, Citroën has just integrated the puretech 110 engine into the range, this time by combining it with the Feel finish, the second level of finish of the C3 in India, which makes it possible to offer the most powerful engine at more affordable prices. .

Thus, the price of this C3 puretech 110 Feel is displayed at 810,000 rupees or €9,200, which allows the brand to slightly lower the price of access to this engine by 15,000 rupees or €180. This new offer also makes it possible to rebalance the very accessible range on the least powerful engine, while the most powerful engine was only associated with a finish. From now on, with two finishes available, the 110 engine is more accessible even if the difference between the 82 hp engine and this 110 engine is quite significant, around €1,400.

This first modification of the range will quickly be followed by new variants since Citroën will soon unveil the ëC3 electric then LPG versions but also a more upscale version which should allow the C3 to fill the gaps in equipment currently available. Indeed, to offer the lowest possible price, Citroën does not offer alloy wheels, air conditioning or even windscreen washers and rear wipers, but all of these equipment, and more, have been spotted on a C3 in high-end finish being tested and should therefore join the range during the course of this year.

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