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Citroën C5 X: all you need to know about the 48-hour test drive in France

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The C5 X is Citroën's flagship, the perfect descendant of a long line of great Citroëns and the ultimate in comfort. As the proof is in the pudding, the brand is inviting you to test drive its new large saloon for 48 hours in April.

In France, Citroën is therefore offering everyone the chance to drive its latest large saloon for 48 hours, to measure and test its comfort, but also its livability, its practicality or the relevance of its 130 combustion engines or 225 rechargeable hybrids (the 180 version is not yet available).

Citroën is therefore offering everyone the chance to get behind the wheel of the C5 X and is launching a major communication plan to promote it, including a television commercial to be broadcast during the first 15 days of April, complemented by a digital presence throughout the month. This campaign will be followed up at local level by each dealer, who will be able to highlight the great qualities of the C5 X and allow interested customers to take the wheel to experience the ultimate comfort of this truly great Citroën, especially when equipped with the advanced comfort controlled suspension.

Launched in April 2022, the large C5 X sold 9,987 units on the European market throughout the year, placing it 6th in its segment and first in France since the Peugeot 508, sedan, sold 7,222 units. The test campaign in April should help the C5 X to win even more orders. This campaign is a good idea because it allows you to really appreciate the comfort of the C5 X, which, although it has been praised by all the media since its launch, needs to be tested to really take the measure. v

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