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Citroën C5 X: a successful launch campaign in France

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With the advent of the internet it is easy to think that brands, including automotive ones, use social networks or other advertisements to promote their new models, especially since 86% of purchasing decisions are made at home, so reaching customers in their homes is important. For the launch of C5 X, Citroën made extensive use of social networks but also innovated with the sending of so-called augmented mail in partnership with La Poste(in France), mail which has had great success.

Faced with high requests, knowing how to reach customers ahead of their purchase and encouraging them to discover new products is important for brands and, for this, they need a strategy aimed at massive distribution on different complementary one another channels.

Contrary to what one might think, advertising mail has not been killed off by the Internet and still has great reserves if the latter is innovative and effective. La Poste offered Citroën the Augmented Mail, a letter coupled with Augmented Reality that makes an impression and offers a truly immersive experience that leaves a lasting memory for the targets.

Thanks to Augmented Mail, Citroën was therefore able to present the C5 x to its customers or prospects and invite them to discover it directly in their living room thanks to a QR Code printed on the mail which allowed the C5 X to enter, in augmented reality, to discover it from all angles, open the passenger compartment, enter it but also discover all the equipment and technologies offered by the new big Citroën.

This campaign, carried out in March 2022, has kept all its promises with a rather positive outcome:

  • 2 out of 3 recipients still remember the mail 1 month after receiving it

  • Nearly 9 out of 10 prospect have read or skimmed the mail

  • 22% have visited a point of sale or intend to do so

  • 6% have already done so

Alain Descat, Citroën France Marketing Director, says “For Citroën’s return to the large hatch segment, we have put innovation at the heart of our communication strategy. Since its creation, Citroën has stood out for its ability to make a useful innovation available to everyone, high-definition augmented reality, which has real added value in making it easier and more immersive to discover the new C5 X from a distance.”

With this quirky and original launch campaign, Citroën was able to reach the public directly at home and allow them to discover its new large sedan in augmented reality, to drive around and see everything it has to offer. This campaign enabled Citroën to gain in brand image, allowing it to be close to its customers while continuing to be innovative.

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