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Citroën C4 X: named benchmark saloon in France

The Citroën C4 X receives the 2024 reference sedan prize from La Revue Automobile

Once is not usual, it is a reward given by a French media that I invite you today to discover around the Citroën C4 X which, second novelty, is highlighted by a media in France... Everything is coming and a well-deserved prize for the brand's family saloon, named reference saloon by the website La Revue Automobile.

I have to admit that the Citroën C4X was a real favourite of mine from the moment it was unveiled, and the various tests I have been able to carry out behind the wheel have only served to confirm this. Elegant, comfortable, liveable, the Citroën C4X undoubtedly has many qualities, in particular its efficiency, thanks to its sophisticated aerodynamics which allow it to be very economical. Suffice it to say that it is disappointing to see that sales in France are not commensurate with the car's qualities, but fortunately this C4X sells particularly well in Tunisia, where it allows Citroën to see its sales take off.

If I have been seduced, it is an understatement to say that the French motoring press has not made much of it by criticising its boot. So when I saw that La Revue Automobile had named the Citroën C4X as the benchmark saloon for 2024, I was particularly interested. For the site, the C4X is "a rare gem, a French-style saloon, comfortable, spacious, economical and not too expensive, without looking like an elevated shoebox, like those SUVs that are invading our roads. In short, a saloon with character, style and elegance", I couldn't have said it better.

Of course, this award rewards the obvious qualities of the Citroën C4X, a car that is liveable, comfortable, versatile, economical, but this award also underlines the unique character of this C4X, a saloon that La Revue Automobile describes as a saloon that has the character of a dog, that is not afraid of SUVs, that stands out from the crowd, that pleases you and is at your service. And it is clear, after almost 10,000 km, that all this is true, the C4X is a real success, unfortunately not known enough, not highlighted enough.

In conclusion, the C4X is a Citroën that deserves to be known because it has remarkable qualities that this award rewards. La Revue Automobile offers a different view of the C4X, unlike the other French motoring press, which has done it no favours, and unlike the other European motoring press, which has been rather positive. It's good to see such a reward from a French car site...

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