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Citroën C4 X makes its debut in Poland

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Launched in France at the beginning of January, the new C4 X is gradually making its way to the various European markets. After its first public appearance at the launch of the film Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom, the C4 X is now arriving at the brand's dealerships in Poland.

The latest addition to the Citroën range is therefore arriving in Poland and will allow Citroën to strengthen its presence on the Polish market, where it has started the year well with sales up 10.76% to 1,081 units in the first two months of the year, giving it a market share of 1.47% and 18th place in terms of sales.

While the C4 X is offered in a 100% electric version in certain European markets, in Poland it is available with three engines: two 1.2-litre petrol engines of 100 and 130 hp, a diesel engine of 130 hp and the 100% electric version of 136 hp. The C4 X thus joins the Citroën range in Poland, allowing the company to offer a new saloon midway between the C4 and the C5 X.v

The prices are as follows

  • 1.2 100 Feel: 110.600 zloty or 23.600 €.

  • 1.2 130 Feel Pack: 125.900 zlotys or 26.900 €.

  • 1.2 130 Shine: 135,800 zlotys or €29,000

  • 1.2 130 Shine Pack: 140,350 zloty or €30,000

  • 1.5 HDi 130 Feel Pack: 125,900 zloty or €26,900

  • 1.5 HDi 130 Shine: 135,850 zlotys or €29,010

  • 1.5 HDi 130 Shine Pack: 148,850 zloty or €31,800

  • ËC4 X Feel: 185,200 zlotys or €39,500

  • ËC4 X Feel Pack: 189,650 zlotys or €40,500

  • ËC4 X Shine: 199,100 zlotys or €42,500

  • ËC4 X Shine Pack: 203,600 zlotys or €43,500

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