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Citroën C4 X expands its range of combustion engines in Europe

Image of the Citroën C4 X - Rear profile highlighting its modern look

The new C4 X went on sale in Europe earlier this year, with some countries offering only the 100% electric version, while others offered petrol and diesel engines. However, the offer is changing and Citroën is now offering the C4 X with a combustion engine in these countries.

While the C4 X is available in petrol, diesel and electric versions in France and Spain, this was not the case in other European countries such as Portugal, Belgium, the United Kingdom or Germany, where only the 100% electric version of the C4 X was offered. The situation is changing, however, as Citroën's latest family saloon is now available in a thermal version in Germany and Belgium, with significant price reductions.

In Germany, the C4 X started at more than €37,000 with the electric motor, a price that drops with the marketing of the internal combustion engine, as the C4 X Feel Puretech 100 is now sold from €25,010, i.e. a reduction of €12,000 compared to the electric version! Similarly, the C4 X HDi 130 Shine is sold at €34,490, while the electric version exceeds the minimum of €40,000, a reduction of €6,000.

This extension of the range and the associated reduction in price will allow Citroën to reach a much wider audience, especially as the reasons given are precisely the very strong demand for the C4 X and the brand's desire to increase volumes, which is quite logical. It is therefore an excellent thing for the C4 X, which will be able to really take off commercially with the availability of combustion engines in addition to the electric versions. Demand seems to be particularly strong for this 4-door version of the C4, which was a real gamble for Citroën as this type of body is not the best-selling on the continent, but with its line mixing the codes of SUVs and coupés, in particular via its fastback-like roof, the C4 X offers real elegance without lacking qualities, in particular a huge boot of more than 500 litres.

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