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Citroën C4: Production up 30% in 2022

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Marketed at the very beginning of 2021, the third generation of Citroën C4 will therefore complete its second year of career as it begins 2023 with some new features including a new multimedia system. For this year, Citroën expects to see production at the Madrid plant increase by 30% which, in the difficult context of shortages, is a good performance.

The Madrid factory exclusively manufactures the new C4 for the whole world, which will soon be accompanied by its sister C4 X, which bodes well for an even busier 2023 for the Stellantis factory.

After producing nearly 70,000 units in 2021, the Madrid plant expects to see production increase by 30% this year to around 90,000 units, amid component shortages that are disrupting production. Vincent Cobée, recently in Spain to present oli, indicated that the Madrid plant, like the others in Spain, is maximizing their production as much as possible in a difficult context linked to the incidence of Covid and its impact on the supply of chips or the problems related to logistics in the current global economic situation.

The arrival of the next C4 X as well as the update of the C4 should allow the plant to continue its growth in 2023 to exceed, very largely, the 100,000 units manufactured over the year which was no longer arrived long ago for the Madrid factory. Local manufacturing plays a big role for the Marque and the C4 on the Spanish market, where the marque's compact sedan is the best-selling car in its segment over the first ten months of the year. On the European level, sales of the C4 have exceeded 51,000 units since the start of the year, which should allow it to end 2022 at around 70,000 units sold.

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