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Citroën C4 electric: excellent feedback after €199/month offer

The electric Citroën C4 in a red color with black two-tone roof seen from above

In May, Citroën created a surprise with an exceptional offer on its ë-C4 electric compact sedan, the retail price of which fell to €199/month in France without contribution. This new commercial offer, which at the time was aimed at children on the C3 and C3 Aircross, won over consumers and allowed the electric C4 to see its orders soar.

Since the beginning of the year, the Citroën C4 has been the focus of attention for the brand, which has regularly updated it, in particular with the appearance of a two-tone black roof and the new multimedia system, while the top-of-the-range versions have received the new Stellantis electric motor, powerful at 156 hp.

To support the ë-C4 in France, Citroën has also made an exceptional offer by reducing its retail price to €34,990, which allows the electric C4 to drop below the €30,000 mark with the bonus deducted, or even below €28,000 if the €7,000 bonus is applied. This offer is complemented by a double L.O.A. which puts the price of the ë-C4 Live at €199/month, i.e. €100/month less than the cheapest Renault Mégane. A massive offer from Citroën, therefore, which aims to make the electric car accessible, true to its promise, but also to support the orders of the C4 in electric motorisation.

And the operation has been extremely successful, as orders for the ë-C4 have soared since May, with a 4 to 5 times increase compared to the first quarter, i.e. before the offer. We can therefore see that Citroën's efforts have been well received by consumers, who have been quick to go to the dealer, with the ë-C4 even becoming the main source of traffic on the Citroën website in May. Citroën in France.

The proportion of orders for the electric version of the C4 rose sharply, accounting for just over 30% of total C4 orders in the second quarter of the year, which should enable the brand's electric family saloon to post rising sales figures in the coming months.

Citroën's combativeness is paying off as the brand is back in France after a historic month of June in terms of orders from individuals thanks to the C3 at 99€/month, but also to this ë-C4 whose orders have multiplied since the new tariff. This clearly shows that customers are looking for a price and when a brand offers them a good product at the price they want, they respond. It is therefore positive for Citroën, which is back on the shortlist of private customers on the eve of the arrival of the future ë-C3, whose sales price of less than €20,000 with the bonus deducted should allow the brand to make a strong comeback.

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