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Citroën C4 and C4 X Hybrid: orders now open

The Citroën C4 on the road in red

As I announced a few days ago, the Citroën C4 and C4 X will be equipped with a hybrid engine for the first time since their launch. This engine is identical to the one that powers the C5 Aircross and is already on order.

After being one of the first 100% electric compact sedans since its presentation in June 2020, the Citroën C4, as well as its sister C4X, will be fitted with the new Stellantis hybrid engine that has been powering the C5 Aircross for several months. This new engine is based on the 1.2-litre Puretech engine, which has been extensively redesigned with 40% new parts, in particular replacing the much-maligned belt with a timing chain. This 136 bhp engine is mated to the Stellantis group's new ë-DCS6 double-clutch automatic gearbox, which incorporates a 21 kW ë-Motor electric motor manufactured in France.

As you would expect, this new engine is even more effective on the C4 and C4X than on the C5 Aircross, thanks to the particularly meticulous aerodynamics of the brand's compact family cars. Citroën claims an average 20% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the equivalent petrol engine, with the same reduction in emissions. In particular, this hybrid engine allows up to 50% of the time to be spent in town, but in reality it is possible to go much further by adopting a driving style adapted to this technology. On the C5 Aircross, for example, I managed to drive 78% of the time in 100% electric mode, with an average consumption of 5.4 litres per 100 km, compared to 9 litres with the equivalent Puretech 130 engine. There is therefore no doubt that this hybrid engine should offer a very significant advantage in the C4 and C4X, allowing them to achieve lower fuel consumption than an HDi at a similar selling price.

As far as pricing is concerned, the C4 and C4X Hybrids are available in Plus and Max versions, with sales prices starting at €33,200 for the C4 Hybrid 136 Plus and €35,250 for the Max version, the C4 being €300 more for equivalent versions. The hybrid versions are therefore priced similarly to the equivalent diesel versions (€300 cheaper than HDi), but with lower fuel consumption and, above all, significantly lower emissions, since the C4 and C4X Hybrids emit 107g of CO²/km, thus avoiding the penalty of around €300 extra for the HDi versions.

The arrival of this new hybrid engine on the C4 and C4X is really good news for the brand's two compact saloons, as it should be particularly efficient and allow them to gain, in addition to savings in consumption and emissions, comfort and smoothness of driving, both of which should be at a particularly high level.

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