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Citroën C4: A success in the making?

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Marketed since January 2021 in Europe, the new Citroën C4 manages to find a place in the sun on the various markets and in particular in Spain where it ranked second in sales in March, even though the brand experienced production issues which impacted deliveries.

“With its aesthetic, which combines the elements of SUVs with the elegance of sedans, its level of comfort and its interior space, the New Citroën C4 has become one of the major references in its segment. Only three months separate us from its commercial launch and this car is already the second best-selling model in its class. It is clear that the public, both in Spain and in the rest of Europe, is banking on an innovative vision of the mid-size sedan totally inspired by the needs of the people ”, says Nuno Marques, Citroën director for Spain and Portugal .

A success for the electric version

With the new C4, Citroën has chosen to offer a compact electric sedan unlike its sister brands which have bet on the plug-in hybrid before turning around and having to modify the EMP2 platform so that they are compatible with a 100% electric motor. Citroën therefore had a hollow nose by offering from 2020 a 100% electric version which, it seems, has been a resounding success since it represents 18% of the production of the Madrid plant, i.e. significantly more than a Peugeot. 2008, the electric version of which only weighs 7% of sales.

Manufactured exclusively in Madrid, more than 82% of the new C4 is exported throughout Europe. Finally, a sign that success seems to be there, the production of the new C4 has been increased to 500 units per day, ie an annual production of over 110,000 units. Which, compared to the sales figures of Peugeot 308, Renault Mégane and Opel Astra (oscillating between 130,000 and 145,000 units per year in Europe) is excellent considering the fact that the C4 does not offer a station wagon derivative.

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