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Citroën C3: it has an electric drive of the car in India

La Citroën C3 électrique en couleur grise pour le marché indien

With the first launch of an electric vehicle available on the Indian market, Citroën has benefited from this segment of the movement to increase the efficiency of transport to fry a cruissance. Après a presentation, the C3 semble avoir conquered the Indian consumers who viennent de l'élire de l'année.

In a survey conducted by the Indian magazine Car&Bike, the C3 was voted Electric Car of the Year in India. It topped the poll in its segment, ahead of the MG Comet in particular, but also ahead of other electric cars on the market. The podium was completed by the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Volvo XC40.

This prize is also important because it is awarded directly by the vote of consumers and readers of the magazine, which shows the good reception and perception of the C3 among customers, who recognise that it has enough qualities to beat its direct rivals, but also that other brands are much more present in India than Citroën, which is rather good news.

The Citroën C3 electric car comes to the Indian market with a 56 hp engine and a 29.2 kWh battery, giving it a range of 320 km according to the local certification cycle. Previous tests carried out by the press show that the ë-C3 has great qualities, starting with its comfort and habitability. Likewise, the C3 electric, which shares the essential features with the thermal versions, shows that an electric car of this size can perfectly meet the needs of Indian families.

In conclusion, this new award received by Citroën for the 100% electric version of the C3 shows that the brand was right to enter this market segment very early on, which is still untouched by competition, and rightly so, as the brand has a much higher market share in electric cars than in the overall market. This award, which comes directly from the readers of Car&Bike magazine, is particularly important because of the recognition it gives to Citroën and this electric C3.

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