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Citroën C3: it confirms its success in Brazil in November

The Citroën C3 in its version for Brazil

The Citroën C3 is ending its first year on the Brazilian market on a more than positive note, with a significant increase in sales, confirming the good reception of the C3, which has sold more than 30,000 units in one year. As we approach the end of 2023, Citroën is also increasing its sales, benefiting from the many actions carried out in the last quarter.

The Citroën C3 has thus successfully completed its first year on the Brazilian market, with sales up 3.63% to 3,307 units, placing it 21st in terms of sales and in the top 5 in its segment with a market share of 7.17%, ahead of the Peugeot 208. In particular, the Citroën C3 increased its sales by 22% compared to October 20-23, demonstrating the good momentum in favour of the brand's versatile saloon. The latter also benefits from important news with the marketing of an automatic version on the entry-level Live version, making it the most accessible automatic saloon on the market.

With its many qualities, starting with a level of comfort worthy of a good Citroën, the C3 has managed to find its place on the Brazilian market during this first year of its career, which it ends with sales of more than 35,000 units since its launch.

The increase in sales of the C3 also allows Citroën to achieve its best performance in terms of market share in Brazil, putting it in a good position to reach its target of 4% of the market by 2025. With 3,594 units, Citroën achieved a market share of 2.24%, the highest level of the year, although the brand continues to be affected by the weakness of the C4 Cactus, which did not return to its 2022 level.

Over the year, the Citroën C3 sold 24,559 units, placing it 6th in its segment with a market share of 5.85% and 23rd overall. With its latest news, the C3 is benefiting from a new dynamic, which will be reinforced in the coming weeks with a package of offers organised by the brand and the arrival of the new C3 Aircross. The C3 recorded excellent sales in Argentina with 275 units sold, an increase of 83.3% compared to November 2022, bringing total sales for the year to 4,157 units on the Argentinian market, an increase of 921.4% (!), which puts it in 25th place in total sales with 1% of the market.

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