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Citroën C3 electric: a high-end version in India

The electric Citroën C3 in India in Shine finish and gray color

On the market since February 2023, the small Citroën C3 electric car previously had only two levels of trim focused on the entry level, Live and Feel. While the thermal versions have a better equipped Shine version and above all fill equipment gaps, this high-end finish now arrives on the electric motor.

The year 2024 is therefore off to a flying start for Citroën in India because, a few days before the launch of an automatic transmission on the new C3 Aircross, it is the small C3 that finally has a high-end Shine version. on its 100% electric version.

The great advantage of this Shine version is that it allows the C3 to fill some of its equipment gaps which could cost it sales. For example, this Shine version has the same equipment as the thermal C3: front and rear mudguards, 15-inch two-tone alloy wheels, leather-wrapped steering wheel, electrically adjustable door mirrors, windscreen wipers and washers, and a reversing camera. An optional two-tone paint finish is also available. The appearance of this Shine finish also allows Citroën to slightly revise the ë-C3 range on the Indian market, which now offers three levels of finish, Live, Feel and Shine, which replaces the previous Feel Pack.

Of course, no changes have been made to the engine and battery, and the small electric C3 still has a 56 bhp engine for a torque of 143 Nm combined with a 29.2 Kw battery, it claims a range of 320 km (ARAI standards). Prices for this ë-C3 Shine start at 1,319,000 Indian rupees or €14,550 to 1,350,000 rupees (€14,900) depending on the packages chosen.

Speaking at the launch of this new Shine variant, Aditya Jairaj, CEO of Stellantis in India, said: "Building on the triumphant launch of the ë-C3 last year, this latest Shine variant embodies our unwavering commitment to deliver exceptional value in electric vehicles, tailored to the ever-changing needs of our customers. With innovation, comfort and durability deeply rooted in its DNA, the ë-C3 Shine promises to redefine the driving experience and set a new standard of excellence".

In conclusion, the addition of this high-end Shine finish allows the electric C3 to offer a version that finally meets consumer expectations in terms of equipment, filling the gaps present in the other finishes. However, this C3 retains the original advantages of the small Citroën, namely a high level of personalisation (11 colours, including 4 monotones) and a wide range of packages that allow customers to create a C3 that meets their needs and desires.

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