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Citroën C3 bets on football in Brazil

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Launched in Brazil in mid-September, the C3 has enabled Citroën to increase its sales in the last quarter of 2002. With more than 10,000 units sold, the C3 is regularly in the top 5 or even the top 3 in its segment. To maintain this momentum, Citroën is using football to promote the C3 through targeted advertising on specific channels.

Presence, passion, emotion and renewal: this combination of four characteristics shared by football and the new Citroën C3 will be celebrated throughout the year on SporTV and Premiere during the following championships Brasileirão, Copa do Brasil, Super Cup and Under 17/20.

During certain phases of the games, viewers on both channels will be able to see the new C3 in action in a variety of scenarios, including insurance, maintenance and electrifying images.

In four months, the C3 has become the brand's best-selling car in Brazil and has won numerous awards, including Best National Car at the CAR Awards 2022, Best Compact Sedan at the Estradão Mobility Awards 2023 and Best Domestic Car up to 1.2 litres at the Abiauto Awards. This series of awards has made it possible to develop the visibility of the brand's latest addition, which will be able to count on advertising during football matches, the king and most popular sport in Brazil, which should have an impact on sales this year.

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