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Citroën C3 Aircross: the price of the 7-seater version revealed in Brazil

The Citroën C3 Aircross in Brazil in a blue tint

While the first deliveries of the new C3 Aircross will take place in Brazil in February, Citroën is preparing to reveal the price of the 7-seater versions of its new compact SUV. Prices that would make it around 2,000 euros more expensive than the 5-seater versions, the only ones currently on the market.

The new C3 Aircross, unveiled in April 2023, has been transformed into a real SUV, while maintaining the objective of offering good livability. This spacious SUV offers a truly adventurous style, with a very vertical rear to create enough living space for 5 passengers, but also to offer a 7-seater version, making it one of the most exclusive on the market. This is particularly important in India and Indonesia, but also in Latin America, where the only 7-seater SUV on the market is the Chevrolet Spin, which is more of a minivan.

The 5-seater versions of the new C3 Aircross went on sale at the end of October, with the first deliveries starting in February, but the brand's latest SUV has not yet been launched in a 7-seater version, which is expected to arrive soon. The prices of these 7-seater versions were therefore not revealed during the launch, but they should represent a difference of 10,000 Reals or €1,850 compared to the equivalent 5-seater versions.

The prices for the 7-seater versions would be as follows:

  • Feel 7: 119,990 Reals or €22,400

  • Feel Pack 7: 129,990 Reals or €24,300

  • Shine 7: 139,990 Reals or €26,150

Apart from the addition of two extra seats, there should be no other differences between the 5 and 7 seater versions, except for the special air conditioning system developed by the brand to ensure better cooling of the cabin and greater comfort for passengers in rows 2 and 3. Nearly €2,000 difference for the C3 Aircross for two extra seats may seem high, but we have to consider that it is the only 7-seater compact SUV on the market and one of the most powerful. To see if this difference is not too big, we compare it with the Chevrolet Spin, a redesigned version of which was recently presented.

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