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Citroën C3: a Shine version is coming to India

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Citroën's next major innovation will be unveiled in India on 27 April with the presentation of the C3 Aircross, the second vehicle in the C-Cubed range. However, the brand is not forgetting the C3, which it intends to develop further with a high-end Shine finish that should finally correct some of its shortcomings.

It's a fact that the new C3 in India is comfortable, liveable, modern with its 10-inch screen and has many qualities. In order to be accessible, the new C3 has omitted a certain number of features that have become standard in India and which are found on competitors of the small Citroën, sometimes sold cheaper than it.

To overcome these shortcomings, Citroën seems determined to rectify the situation with a new high-end finish, logically called Shine, which will allow the C3 to be equipped with much more modern features. on the programme could be electric mirrors, a rear window wiper and washer, a reversing camera as well as alloy wheels or a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

This new Shine finish should be integrated into the range of the C3 during the course of this year and would be sold approximately 100,000 Rupees (1,125 €) more than the Feel version which would bring the addition to 925,000 Rupees or 10,300 € this, which seems accessible to us in Europe, would still be more expensive than its direct competitors. The qualities of the C3, such as comfort, livability and personalisation, can make the difference and allow a higher selling price.

Integrating a new market is never easy, especially when it is developing with a relatively low standard of living by European standards. Citroën has chosen to offer the most accessible car possible, designed and manufactured locally, but probably a little too bare or, in any case, with a clearly unfavourable price/equipment ratio. The appearance of a Shine version that corrects these shortcomings therefore makes sense within the price range that Citroën must know how to contain for the C3 to be truly competitive, it was the meaning of local production with a high rate of integration.

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