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Citroën C3: 190 vehicles delivered to the Italian police force

The Citroën C3 of the police in Italy

As it prepares to leave the market in a few weeks' time, the current Citroën C3 is still enjoying great success, particularly in Italy, where it ended January with the best segment share for three years among individuals.

A success that has also been replicated in corporate fleets, as evidenced by winning a tender from the Italian police for a total of 190 Citroën C3s to join the local police fleet in Italy.

The police cars are destined for the State Police, one of Italy's national police forces. Along with the Carabinieri, it is the main force responsible for policing in cities and major centres, as well as patrolling motorways, railways and airports. Together with the Guardia di Finanza, it also carries out customs duties.

Italian police Citroën C3s seen from the rear

The 190 Citroën C3 entering the police fleet in Italy are all Puretech 83 hp petrol cars equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox and manual air conditioning, i.e. the basic version of the C3. These cars will not be used for pursuit, but as a means of transport for police officers in their daily duties, and will also be used for police training.

It's a great victory for the C3 to have won this tender in Italy, there's no doubt that the brand was able to lower the prices in its proposal, with the end of the career of this third generation on the horizon. Thus integrated into the police fleet, the third generation Citroën C3 will continue to be visible for a long time to come on Italian roads, where it has enjoyed great success throughout its career, which it ends in style with this tender.

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