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Citroën Berlingo van dominates UK commercial vehicle market

Citroën Berlingo Van 2024 in red colour

Citroën's Berlingo Van continues to dominate the UK light commercial vehicle market with an impressive performance so far this year. According to the latest figures, the Berlingo Van leads sales in its segment with 4,175 units sold since the beginning of the year. This success demonstrates the confidence that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as large fleets have in this versatile model.

In addition, Citroën's total sales in the UK in the first quarter of this year remained solid, with 7,867 vans sold, a slight increase compared to the same period last year. A consistent performance that strengthens the brand's position on the UK light commercial vehicle market.

The Citroën van range, which includes the Berlingo van, Jumpy and Jumper, has recently been updated and is now open for orders. A key feature of this range is the availability of a fully electric variant, making Citroën the undisputed leader in electric commercial vehicles in the UK.

The new Citroën ë-Berlingo van, manufactured at the Ellesmere Port plant, is not only an environmentally friendly solution, it is also economical and quiet. This initiative is part of Citroën's commitment to sustainability and technological innovation.

Greg Taylor, Managing Director of Citroën UK, expressed his satisfaction with the Berlingo Van's market-leading position: "The Berlingo Van embodies our commitment to providing commercial vehicles that meet the needs of our customers, both in terms of practicality and comfort. With our extensive range now available, we continue to anticipate and meet the demands of the UK market. "

In conclusion, after taking the lead in its segment in 2023, the Citroën Berlingo van continues its momentum in the first quarter of 2024. The arrival of the new range, which improves style, comfort and technology, should allow the Berlingo Van, but also the brand's entire range of utility vehicles, to make further progress on the UK market, thus confirming Citroën's place in the top 5 brands.

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