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Citroën Berlingo Fourgonnette: a camper van with a delicious retro look

The Citroën Berlingo Camper Van seen from the front

For several months now, the Berlingo has been sporting a delicious retro look, thanks to the joint work of the Citroën and Caselani teams, who paid homage to the 2CV Fourgonnette with this special Berlingo. The latter is even more so with a German company offering a Camper derivative with the most beautiful effect.

At the last CMT show, where Citroën exhibited its new Holidays van, the German company Grebner presented the Berlingo Fourgonnette in two versions adapted to the van lifestyle. There is the so-called "Livingroom", which is configured for long camping trips, and the "Sleeping and Storage" version, which is more basic, with the emphasis on additional storage space and a rudimentary sleeping area.

Of course, it is the Berlingo Livingroom Van version that we are interested in here, which is based on the XL version of the Berlingo to offer maximum space. This Berlingo camper van offers a range of equipment that allows a family of 4 to travel in comfort. There is a kitchen, two beds including one in the pop-up roof, a dining table, a lounge area and storage space. The interior of this Berlingo camper van has been designed by Vanderer and offers an original solution: a bench seat installed with its back to the front seats, which converts into a bed for two with a very comfortable length of 1m40, which is quite unusual for a camper van of this size. There are also two rear galleys containing a hob, a sink with tap and two tanks (clean/waste water), cupboards and outward opening drawers that can be used as tables or work surfaces. Finally, all the space has been designed to maximise storage, with compartments under the seats.

The Berlingo Fourgonnette is available with a thermal engine (petrol and diesel) as well as an electric version, unfortunately still based on the old version with a range of only 280 km. Prices range from €40,999 for the petrol version, €42,298 for the diesel version and €65,000 for the electric version. A total of 200 units will be sold for the German market only.

It is a relevant and effective proposal by Grebner, based on the Berlingo Fourgonnette, which combines the deliciously retro look of the Berlingo Fourgonnette with life in a converted van. While Citroën offered such a version of the Holidays in September and will soon launch the Holidays directly in its network, can the brand see this independent version of the Berlingo Fourgonnette as a way of completing its range?


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