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Citroën Berlingo 2Cv Fourgonnette: on the tracks of the Maroc Challenge

The Citroën Berlingo Fourgonnette shows a side close to the famous 2CV van

A few months ago, the Italian company Caselani offered a new interpretation of Citroën's heritage by transforming a Berlingo into a modern 2CV van, along the lines of the Type H based on the Jumpy and Jumper. This Berlingo Fourgonnette has just taken part in the Maroc Challenge, an opportunity to see it in a new configuration that is perfectly in keeping with the brand's history, while at the same time giving it a look that suits it perfectly.

It is Fabrizio Caselani, the current owner and founder of the company, who is taking part in the Maroc Challenge, which is currently running from 1st to 9th December. The competitors set off from Nador, in the north of Morocco, to reach Merzouga at the end of six stages that will allow participants to cross Morocco by car from the heights of the Atlas, where we often encounter snow along its hard stone tracks, wadis and mudflows formed after seasonal torrential rains, sandy river beds around Erfoud, and of course the desert and dunes of Zagora and the Erg Chebbi of Merzouga. All this in one week, a week in which every day will be a new challenge, where the cars will be put to the test on tracks that are far from perfectly smooth.

For this reason, Caselani sent a Berlingo Fourgonnette to these Moroccan tracks, painted in a delicious sand colour with the most beautiful effect. For these special stages, the Berlingo Fourgonnette has not undergone any modifications other than the addition of reinforced suspension and off-road tyres; it remains a simple traction vehicle and therefore does not have four-wheel drive. However, minor aesthetic changes have been made, in particular the addition of bodywork protection around the wheel arches and a black bumper, which reinforce the Berlingo Fourgonnette's lines and give it a more adventurous look.

In conclusion, this Berlingo Fourgonnette is not only part of the brand's history by making the 2CV Fourgonnette a handsome man, but it is also part of Citroën's heritage by participating in rallies such as the Maroc Challenge, where so many Citroëns, especially 2CVs, have taken part and where the brand has brilliantly illustrated itself with the ZX Rallye-Raid. This Berlingo Fourgonnette appears here in an adventurous version that suits it perfectly, while remaining very faithful to the 2Cv van seen at its launch.

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