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Citroën Ami: success in Turkey, 3rd market after France and Italy

The Citroën AMi with Selen Alkim in Türkiye

2023 was clearly the year of the Citroën Ami, which achieved record sales in France, becoming the best-selling four-wheeler for the first time, all engines combined. It's the same in Italy, where the brand's little chip has been on fire throughout the year. But its success goes beyond borders and Ami has been so successful in Turkey that it has made it its third market.

Citroën had an excellent year in 2023, breaking a sales record with more than 63,000 units sold, VP + LCV, in which the brand was voted "Fastest growing light commercial vehicle brand in Turkey". A real success for Citroën on the Turkish market, both for passenger cars with the C4 X and for commercial vehicles with the Berlingo.

But Citroën is also enjoying success with Ami, which will be launched in 2021 for companies and in June 2022 for individuals. And the least we can say is that the Turks have favoured the Citroën Ami to the point of making it their third market after France and Italy, even though its marketing in this Turkish market was not initially envisaged....

A total of 2,848 Citroën Amis were delivered to Turkey in the year 2023, a figure to be compared with the 9,556 units sold in France and the 6,313 units sold in Italy, which means that in three markets alone, almost 19,000 Citroën Amis were sold in these three markets alone in the year 2023, a figure which becomes significant for a four-wheel drive vehicle and which shows the relevance of the choices made by Citroën.

This success of the Citroën Ami in Turkey also worked for the Buggy version, some units of which were reserved for this market out of the 1,000 produced and which all left in just 40 minutes, which shows the enthusiasm that both the Citroën Ami and its Buggy version.

This success led Selen Alkim, Director of Citroën Turkey, to say: "Citroën Ami offers free access to all city centres as well as quiet and peaceful driving with its fully electric, zero-emission structure. With a structure adapted to the needs of today's urban life, which requires constant movement, the Ami offers a new transport format. It responds to the urban problems of today and tomorrow. Thanks to its fully electric driving mode, Ami offers free access and minimises the cost of use".

In conclusion, Ami is truly a constant surprise and every year it continues to amaze us with the excellent progress it has made. 2024 should mark a new stage in its success, with the expansion of its marketing in Europe, but also in Brazil, to continue and relaunch the incredible success it has enjoyed since its launch.

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