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Citroën Ami: success in Italy too

The Citroën Ami seen from three quarter front

A few days ago, I shared with you the sales figures for the Citroën Ami in France which, in 2023, will take the lead in the quadricycle segment for all engines combined for the first time. Since its launch, Ami has also been a great success in Italy, making it its second market, a success repeated in 2023 that the brand's little chip has even amplified.

In 2023, Ami will have sold 6,313 units, giving it a 40% share of the Italian quadricycle market, which rises to 61% with electric motors alone.

Ami owes this success to its qualities and its affordable price, but also to the numerous projects that the brand has carried out since its launch, involving various sectors: institutional, educational, social and design. Among these, the "Citroën Drive La Maddalena Electric" and "Citroën Drive Ponza Electric" events allowed the brand to reaffirm its commitment to the energy transition process and to contribute to the promotion of electric mobility on the islands by delivering two fleets of electric vehicles to the respective municipalities. Citroën's participation at the EICMA for the third consecutive year has also underlined its commitment to sustainable urban mobility. Just like the more than 150 ambassadors of the "My Ami Superfan" community, i.e. enthusiastic owners who give potential customers the chance to test drive the vehicle, thus increasing sales, which have totalled more than 2,000 test drives and 300 sales.

Alessandro Musumeci, Marketing Director of Citroën Italy, said: "We are very pleased with the success of our Citroën Ami in 2023, a sign that its character as an innovative and accessible vehicle has been fully appreciated by the demanding and knowledgeable Italian public. We are also very proud of the numerous initiatives we have carried out throughout the year with the Little Big Ami, a symbol of sustainable urban mobility that expresses all the audacity of our brand, which is always close to people, attentive to their mobility needs on a daily basis and which places serenity and well-being at the heart of the customer experience. Building on these results, we are ready to face 2024 with enthusiasm, determination and that touch of joy and curiosity that our friend evokes at first sight".

A 2023 full of news for Ami

Of particular importance were the "educational" projects that brought the brand closer to schools and students, such as "RispettaAMI", with which the brand addressed the serious and topical issue of bullying and cyberbullying, and "GénérationAMI - a school for electric mobility", which reached around 25,000 students in two years, raising their awareness of sustainable mobility issues, with more than 3,000 of them also testing 100% electric driving thanks to AMI. 2024 will be the year of the new training project "GënerationAMI - at school against bullying", an evolution of the "RispettaAMI" programme, which will involve 800 classes and almost 15,000 students in the fight against bullying and cyberbullying, which is unfortunately very widespread in our schools, from primary school onwards. In addition, the new edition of the "GénérationAMI - electric mobility for sport" project will see Citroën become a spokesperson for the positive values of sport among young people.

2023 will be a busy year for Ami, which will increase the number of playgrounds, as well as the number of luxury hotels offering them to their customers for emission-free holidays in nature; the use of Ami in the hotel world reflects the brand's approach of always being at people's side to offer products in line with the evolution of society.

Ami was the protagonist of the first Citroën House on the Beach, created by the brand during the summer of 2023 at the Fantini Club seaside resort in Cervia. Citroën has also signed an agreement with MadiaWorld to distribute Ami via the online site or in stores in Milan, Genoa and Ravenna (10 other cities will be added during 2024). Finally, Ami plays a major role in "La Maison Citroën", installed inside the COIN store in Piazza V Giornate in Milan, the urban flagship store that expresses the entire identity of the brand and perfectly embodies the values of boldness and comfort. It is a new, friendly and welcoming place designed to offer visitors a unique experience. The Citroën Ami also breaks the codes of the customer journey by positioning itself firmly in the world of retail, both in terms of display and test drives.

In conclusion, 2023 was a very good year for Ami, which broke sales records in France and Italy while continuing its development in other countries. 2024 will be similar, with Ami entering the Brazilian market and expanding into other European markets. Finally, it will benefit from reduced delivery times of between 8 and 10 weeks thanks to the return to normal production levels.

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