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Citroën Ami: inspired by the 2CV Charleston

La Citroën Ami devient Charleston avec une teinte rouge delage - Noir

Citroën has unveiled a new version of its Ami electric vehicle, called the Ami Charleston. This special version is a collaboration between the French manufacturer and designer Massimo Biancone and is inspired by the Citroën 2CV Charleston. The launch of the Ami Charleston comes at a time when the Citroën Ami is enjoying considerable commercial success, particularly in Italy, where it has just achieved record sales.

It has often been said that the Ami is the new Deuche of the 21st century, because it captures the spirit of the legendary 2CV without being a simple copy and paste. The designer Massimo Biancone had the idea to take this rapprochement between the Ami and the 2CV even further by creating a unique version inspired by the famous 2CV Charleston that revived the career of the Deuche until 1990.

This Ami Charleston by Biancone therefore takes up the characteristic elements of the 2Cv Charleston, starting with the two-tone Red Delage-Black paintwork, which makes it possible to distinguish the two parts without altering their essence. The aim is to represent the transition from a functional vehicle to an exclusive, comfortable and iconic one, while retaining the stylistic features that have made Citroën an essential brand on the global automotive scene.

Designer Massimo Biancone says: "From the outset, the aim of the 'Ami Charleston' project was to highlight the taste for elegance and to emphasise comfort on board, concepts that have always been present in the DNA of the Citroën brand. The journey consisted of taking a fresh look at a product already on the market and taking into account the history and culture of the brand, which allowed me to create a version capable of combining the past, the present and the future".

But the changes to this Ami Charleston go much further than a simple two-tone paint job, especially in the interior where numerous changes have been made to make it more elegant, more comfortable and more refined. For example, the seats are more ergonomic and comfortable, with new houndstooth upholstery, a pattern that also appears on the floor mats, door panels, central rear-view mirror and canvas sunroof. As a tribute to the history of the Citroën 2CV, designer Biancone also added a special umbrella pocket behind the driver's seat.

Other distinctive features of the Ami Charleston by Biancone include courtesy lighting under the dashboard, tinted side and rear windows for added privacy, Bluetooth audio system and hands-free kit. Among the refined details, some exclusive accessories stand out, all upholstered in houndstooth and leather, like the 2CV Charleston of 1980: from the time disc to the notebook with pencil, from the briefcase to the rucksack. Finally, the highlight of the Ami-2Cv relationship, the single-spoke steering wheel, makes its return.

Alessandro Musumeci, Marketing Director of Citroën Italy, said: "It fills us with enthusiasm and pride to know that an internationally renowned designer like Massimo Biancone has decided to personalise and improve our nonconformist and accessible mobility solution with his own style and creative technique. . It's the same bold, original and creative approach that is in the DNA of our brand. After all, we have always drawn inspiration from our glorious past to create vehicles with a strong aesthetic personality, but enhanced with the most sophisticated technology available today. And the new Ami Charleston by Biancone is certainly no exception, as it is an authentic masterpiece of design that fuses the past, present and future, as well as an evocative tribute to the iconic Citroën 2CV Charleston, which remains in the hearts of millions of enthusiasts around the world. ".

This Ami Charleston is a collaboration between Citroën Italy and designer Massimo Biancone, but Ami will not be marketed by Citroën, potential customers will have to contact the designer who will be able to personalise their friend directly. Here is the address of the website:

In conclusion, this Ami Charleston is more refined and more comfortable and the link with the 2Cv is particularly relevant in this colour, which pays homage to the famous 2Cv Charleston. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to order this version directly from Citroën, but the brand would do well to take inspiration from it and offer a special series which, without proposing so many changes, could link the Ami even more closely to the brand's history and delight Citroënists.


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