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Citroën Ami: even more accessible with a contribution-free offer in France

Citroën Ami Tonic on the road, three-quarter front view

Since its launch in 2020, the Citroën Ami has always been characterised by an extremely accessible rental offer from €19.99 per month. Relatively alone in its market, the brand's little chip is seeing the arrival of new competitors, including the Fiat Topolino, prompting Citroën to respond with a new offer that makes the Ami even more accessible.

Priced from €7,000, the Citroën Ami is particularly accessible, which is one of its greatest strengths and explains its success. If the purchase prices are affordable, the Ami is also characterised by extremely attractive long-term rental offers starting from €19.99/month and adjustable according to the initial deposit paid. Enough to treat yourself to an Ami without breaking the bank, especially as it has a range of 75 kilometres and can be recharged in just 3 hours from a simple domestic socket. This explains the incredible success of the brand's little chip, without forgetting its handling and living qualities, which offer sufficient comfort for two passengers.

Almost alone in its category, the Citroën Ami has seen new competitors arrive to steal its success, including its sister, the Fiat Topolino, which has just arrived on the market and which naturally has the same qualities. Since 1 April, Citroën has responded by renewing its long-term rental offers to make the Ami even more accessible. The brand is therefore offering a modified offer and a brand new offer, now without a deposit, to enable as many people as possible to afford the Ami on a controlled budget.

Citroën offers

  • A long-term rental offer with a contribution of €1,905, a bonus of €900 not deducted and a monthly rent set at €19.99/month for a rental period of 36 months and 15,000 kilometres. To benefit from this offer, until March, it was necessary to pay an initial rent of more than 3,200 €, which shows the effort that Citroën is making on Ami from April.

  • A new offer with no deposit, which sets the monthly rent at €49.99/month, making the Ami almost €10/month cheaper than the Fiat Topolino. Please note that you will have to pay a first rent of €900, which will be refunded with the environmental bonus, reducing the contribution to €0.

The Ami's very affordable price has always been one of the reasons for its success, allowing families to equip themselves with a 100% electric car on a limited budget, thus ensuring that young people can travel in better conditions than otherwise. With these two new, even more accessible offers, there is no doubt that this success will continue for many months to come.

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