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Citroën Ami: coming to Germany in 2024

The Citroën Ami seen in profile in Germany

With more than 48,000 units sold since its launch in 2020, the Citroën Ami is a real surprise whose success extends far beyond European borders, particularly in Turkey where more than 2,500 units have been sold. As it prepares to conquer new markets in Europe in 2024, the Citroën Ami will enter a market that was previously off-limits to it: Germany!

Until now, Germany and the Netherlands have not been able to welcome the Citroën Ami, as these markets have been reserved for its little sister, the Opel Rocks-e. But the situation has just changed as Citroën officially announces the arrival of its little Ami in the coming weeks, with deliveries expected to start this summer.

Roman Franke, Marketing Director of Citroën Germany, says: "Some cities already charge parking fees based on height or weight, so Ami is a practical answer to urban needs. It protects against bad weather, is small and light, but has a battery life suitable for everyday use, making it a smart alternative for urban mobility. And this year it will be available everywhere between Flensburg and Garmisch-Partenkirchen."

After a year in 2023 in which it experienced sales records in France and Italy, the Citroën Ami begins 2024 with an overflowing appetite, where it should arrive in many new markets in Europe, but also in South America, with marketing already announced in Brazil. Its arrival in Germany, Europe's most populous country, should help take the Ami's success to new heights and could also herald the arrival of the Opel version in France, now that Fiat also offers its Topolino. The market is now mature enough to accept a number of brands offering similar products, but with enough distance between them to avoid treading on each other's toes.


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