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Citroën: successful open days in October

le nouveau logo de Citroën sur fond rouge

On 14 and 15 October, Citroën held its Open Days, one month after the previous ones, which had been very successful. Continuing the exceptional offers that have been generating good orders for several months, Citroën once again achieved excellent results at these Open Days.

With more than 3,100 units ordered during these two open days, Citroën's performance is better than in September 2023, but also better than in October 2022, a sign of the success of the commercial action plan launched by the brand and, in particular, the success of the exceptional offers offered, especially on the C3, C3 Aircross and C4.

At a time when the brand launched the new C3, the current generation continues to be the brand's flagship, accounting for the majority of orders (almost 1/3), even if this level is lower than in previous months. This is to the benefit of the other models in the range which are generating good order intake, such as the C3 Aircross or the C4, whose electric version, offered from 199€/month, confirms its return to favour.

These good results achieved by Citroën during the October Open Days weekend bode well for registration figures in the coming months, but the brand intends to maintain this good level of sales by continuing its offers throughout the month of October, which should allow it to take a good level of orders throughout the month.

More than ever, Citroën is making a comeback after a September in which it grew in line with the European market and was able to halt the erosion of its sales. With this new good performance at these October Open Days, the last in 2023, Citroën is on track for the coming weeks where its delivery rate should allow it to regain its lost level.

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