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Citroën C3: a great offer at €89 per month

The current Citroën C3 in a red color with black roof

Since June, Citroën has been offering the C3 in France for €99/month, with some success, as this offer has allowed the brand's small saloon to regain momentum and accumulate a good number of orders, allowing it to end the year in 4th place in terms of sales in France with 59,603 units sold and a sales increase of 1.23%, despite being a few months away from retirement.

This offer of 99 €/month, initially foreseen for the month of June 2023, has been prolonged due to the high number of consumers in the dealerships and the good level of orders, until it becomes a permanent offer on the C3, boosting its end of career while its replacement shows the end of its grille.

On the occasion of the Open Days this January, organised from 12 to 14 January, Citroën decided to go even further and offer the C3 at a price level unknown until now. In fact, during the Open Days in France, Citroën will reduce the price of the C3 to €89 per month, i.e. €10 per month less than the current offer. This offer applies to the basic You package, which includes air conditioning, traffic sign recognition or even the You exterior customisation, which paints the mirrors, quarter panels or fog light bezels in white.

This special offer at €89 per month is only available on models in stock, allowing consumers to get behind the wheel of their new C3 very quickly, while allowing the brand to sell off stock of the C3. This offer is exceptional and will only be available during the Open Days from 8 to 21 January. Of course, those in the market for a new C3 will have to hurry, as this exceptional offer will make it even more affordable.

To conclude, Citroën is once again making a strong move with this unique offer on the C3, which brings it down to €89 per month for the next few days, enough to allow the brand to record a good level of orders and start the year under better auspices than it ended with a sharp drop in sales in December. This offer, in addition to the current offers, which I will talk to you about shortly for the January Open Days, should therefore have a significant impact on the brand's sales and, in any case, shows that Citroën is putting in place the means to win back customers.

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