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Citroën Berlingo: best-selling compact van in the UK

the new restyled Citroën Berlingo Van three-quarter front view

If Citroën experienced some difficult months in 2023 for passenger cars, the brand performed very well in terms of commercial vehicle sales, particularly in the United Kingdom, where it recorded growth of 51.57% in a market that grew by 17.41%, allowing it to increase its market share to 4.71%. This good result is due in particular to the success of the Berlingo van, which had an excellent year in 2023 and is the leader in van sales in the UK.

With a total of 14,065 units sold in 2023, the Citroën Berlingo Van more than doubled its sales in 2022, placing it at the top of its category for the first time. This excellent performance by the Berlingo Van enabled Citroën to increase its sales to 27,382 light commercial vehicles sold in 2023 and contributed to the good health of Stellantis commercial vehicle sales, which increased by 27% compared to 2022, giving it a market share of 27.2%.

Greg Taylor, managing director of Citroën UK, said: "To see the Berlingo van become the most popular small van in the UK is a great achievement. At Citroën we aim to make our vehicles as accessible as possible and to see more people choosing the Berlingo Van is a great reward for the hard work of the team and our network. I am confident that our recently enhanced LCV range will continue to perform well, particularly with the electrified variants we are offering across the range.

This good performance in 2023 shows that the numerous awards won by the Citroën Berlingo van in the UK have finally paid off in commercial terms. This should continue in 2024, following the restyling of Citroën's commercial range, which has adopted the new C3 logo and improved both comfort and on-board technologies to make it even more competitive. The new range is supported in particular by revised electric versions with increased autonomy, notably on the Berlingo van, which gains 20% autonomy to reach 320 kilometres. This should therefore have a significant impact on sales of the Berlingo Van, hopefully repeating its 2023 performance.

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