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Citroën Ami: revolutionising food delivery at Center Parcs

The Citroën Ami at Center Parcs in the United Kingdom

Center Parcs is opening a new green chapter thanks to its collaboration with Citroën. From now on, a fleet of Citroën AMIs will deliver meals and supplies to the heart of the UK's lush forests. With five sites in the UK and one in Ireland, of which the iconic Sherwood Forest is the first in the network, each village offers total immersion in a 400-hectare natural environment where apartments and cottages nestle among the trees and streams, providing high quality accommodation.

The arrival of the Citroën AMI represents a significant step forward in Center Parcs' desire to reduce its environmental footprint. These revolutionary small electric cars, powered by 100% renewable and emission-free electricity, mark the transition to a more environmentally friendly mode of transport. The end of the 'Restaurant Runner' service has now been announced, to be replaced by these eco-friendly vehicles that will travel the trails to deliver guests' favourite meals straight to their doorsteps.

This initiative is not limited to cars. Center Parcs has also invested in a network of additional charging stations to ensure the autonomy of electric vehicles. With up to 100 charging points in each holiday village, all powered by green electricity, customer comfort is guaranteed while respecting the environment. The positive reception of the Citroën Ami by guests and staff alike is testimony to its popularity. As well as being quiet, they bring a touch of modernity and aesthetics to the forest landscape.

With this new partnership, the Citroën Ami is adding a new string to its bow and showing that the uses to which it can be put are endless. Short, manoeuvrable and electric, it was only natural that the Citroën Ami should be able to meet this need for food delivery, in an ecological way thanks to green electricity, proving once again the relevance of Citroën's offer.

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