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Antonio Carmona beaten by the Citroën C5 X

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Citroën regularly uses ambassadors to promote its vehicles. In France, the brand entrusted Kad Merad with a C5 X, while in Spain it chose singer Antonio Carmona to promote its latest large saloon.

The musician Antonio Carmona stands out for his talent and his constant search for innovation, while at the same time emphasising his purely Spanish side. It is on these values that Citroën wants to focus its communication in Spain, which is why it has chosen him as its ambassador from 2019. The Granada-born artist is a perfect match for Citroën's "Made in Spain" spirit and the brand's philosophy of designing vehicles inspired by people and their way of life.

José Ángel López Tens, Citroën's Communication Director, explains: "We're taking bold and courageous decisions to make tomorrow's mobility accessible to everyone. We want sustainable, affordable and electric mobility. We have three factories in Spain, two out of three of the parts that make up our cars are made in our country, so we are a very Made in Spain brand. We claim the know-how of Spanish industry. And who better to accompany us on this adventure than Antonio Carmona, one of our artists of international reference".

For his part, Antonio Carmona points out that "we must be proud of what we have, Citroën is a Spanish product and in Spain we do very powerful things", emphasises the Granada-born artist, who has enjoyed the comfort, driving pleasure and spaciousness of the brand's latest large saloon during these four years of relationship. "I love the C5X, the comfort and the fact that I can take a family car because I always go with a cajon, a guitar... I always leave with a lot of instruments and a suitcase," says Carmona, for whom these four years with the brand have been "wonderful". "Citroën has chosen someone like me, who makes a mixture of flamenco fusion, urban and current music, which reflects a little bit what the brand is," he adds.

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Carmona, who is currently in the midst of recording his new project, has always emphasised the C5X's ability to offer both serenity and comfort, and to inspire creativity and even composition while travelling and commuting. "For me, Citroën is like flamenco: I feel at home. The C5X is familiar, it has an audio system I love and it gives me safety and comfort on those seven-hour journeys when I go to Cádiz. And, of course, I can write lyrics and compose," says the musician. However, the pace of his commitments and his professional hyperactivity have led the most famous member of the Ketama gang to appreciate the agility, versatility and capacity of the C5 X.

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