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[Analysis] May 2023 report - main European countries

The publication of sales figures for the main European markets has been made, which allows us to see an overview of the level that the European market as a whole has reached in May. The main markets studied here (France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Portugal) represent between 80 and 85% of the European total, which provides a fairly reliable overview of the trend observed for this month of May. .

The data reported by these seven markets indicates a continuation of the recovery of the automotive markets since the month of May is the tenth consecutive month to show growth. Thus, more than 840,000 units were sold, an increase of 18.96% compared to May 2023 with, as in April, contrasting results for the Stellantis brands.

So it's a new drop for Citroën in May, even if this drop is much less sharp than expected since 6% and, above all, the brand is not the only one to fall since Opel and Fiat also show declining numbers. Citroën is saved by France where its sales are increasing while they are falling everywhere else, a reverse trend from that observed at the start of the year when France was falling and the other markets compensated for this drop.

While sales made in France represented 43% of Citroën's total sales in April 2023, the latter fell to only 37.95%, which means that Citroën is the brand least dependent on its national market. Indeed, Peugeot is more than 41% but, above all, DS like Fiat still depends very strongly on their national market since their sales are, more than 51% made in France for DS and in Italy for Fiat. Sales in Spain, Italy and Germany are balanced around 15% each of Citroën's total sales, proof that the brand is doing a similar performance in these countries.

In conclusion, we are moving towards an increase in the European market, the figures published on June 21 should confirm this, as should the decline in Citroën sales which will be less severe than expected, the performance achieved in France partly saves the furniture.

Here are the figures for each country:

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