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[Analysis] February 2024 Review - Major Markets EUROPE

Now that all the data for the main European markets have been published, it is possible to make an initial assessment before the final figures for the whole European market are published in a few days' time. Knowing that the six markets analysed here represent almost 80% of the market, the analysis of these first figures can be relevant in anticipating the performance of brands. So let's see how the Stellantis market and brands will perform in Europe in February 2024.

The figures examined here show that the month of February should follow the trend observed in January, i.e. a 10% increase in the European market, a more modest increase than in previous months, but which can be explained by a less favourable basis of comparison, since the year 2022 was very low due to the shortage of components.

évolution du marché européen en février 2024

These initial data from the 6 main European markets also show that Citroën is continuing to build on the momentum seen in January, when the brand grew by 20%. Over the month of February, and based on the six markets, Citroën is up 30% thanks to very good performances in all markets, particularly in Portugal where the brand doubled its sales compared to February 2023, but also in Italy where it had a record month. The month of February should allow Citroën to approach 4% of the market in private cars only, which should bring it closer to the 5% (VP+LCV) target set by Thierry Koskas.

The other Stellantis brands are also performing well, with the exception of DS, which recorded a further drop in sales after the one in January.

Rapport des performances par pays des marques de stellantis en europe en février 2024

Citroën's share of sales in France, which is increasing in all the markets considered here, remains below 40% of its total sales, a share still well below that of Peugeot, where France accounts for almost 50% of registrations. This is both good news, as it shows that Citroën is doing well across Europe, and bad news, as it suggests that the brand remains weak in France, even if it has regained third place in sales from Dacia. This could also be a sign that if France's share were at the same level as Peugeot's, without Citroën losing its strength elsewhere in Europe, the brand would be much stronger.

For your information, here are all the data, country by country and brand by brand, for the month of February compared to February 2023. The figures for Belgium have not been published, so they do not appear here.

Chiffres de ventes des marques de Stellantis en Europe en février 2024

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