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Already a first price increase for the Citroën C3 in India

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Marketed since July 20, the Citroën C3 will enable Citroën to develop its sales in India thanks to far more affordable prices than those of the C5 Aircross, the brand's first model sold in the country. However, a little over two months after its launch, the C3 is already seeing its prices increase within reasonable limits.

As everywhere, Citroën is faced with increases in the price of raw materials that it is obliged to pass on to selling prices to preserve its margins. Its manufacture in India does not change the rule since, there too, the prices of raw materials are rising. Citroën has therefore chosen to increase the prices of the C3 in India with a maximum increase of 18,000 rupees or 220€ which, if it may be reasonable in Europe, is quite significant in India even if the C3 continues, with this increase, d be sold at affordable prices.

So here are the new prices for the C3 in India:

  • 1.2 Live: 588,000 rupees (+18,000) or €7,300

  • 1.2 Feel: 680,000 rupees (+18,000) or €8,500

  • 1.2 Feel Pack Vibe: 695,000 rupees (+18,000) or €8,650

  • 1.2 Feel Two-tone roof: 695,000 rupees (+18,000) or €8,650

  • 1.2 Feel Pack Vibe biton roof: 710,000 rupees (+18,000) i.e. €8,850

  • 1.2 Turbo Feel Vibe biton roof: 815,000 rupees (+10,000) or €10,150

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