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A new advertising agency for Citroën

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After having entrusted all its social communication to the Buzzman agency in 2022, Citroën is changing agencies at the beginning of the year. Following a call for tenders launched by the Stellantis group in November 2022, Citroën will now entrust all its communication on social networks to the Raymonde agency.

Citroën communicates daily on social networks (Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook) to stay in touch with its customers and enthusiasts. This communication, which is essential for keeping in touch and discovering what is new, will now be managed by a different advertising agency, a small agency that has made a name for itself with original content, particularly for the KissKissBankbank brand.

The agency will manage the social media and influence strategy for the Citroën France and International accounts, with the first effects expected in February. Raymonde follows in the footsteps of Buzzman, which ran a very original campaign for AMI, using a lot of self-deprecation, in particular by comparing the small Citroën chip to a toaster, a theme that has become a little overused over time, to the detriment of highlighting AMI's qualities.

Let's hope that the new strategy that Raymonde has put in place for Citroën will remain faithful to the brand's values and that the models will be well promoted.


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