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The Citroën C3 electric car sold in India from 13,500 euros?

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Unveiled at the end of January, the first electric C3 in history is set to hit the Indian market in the next few days. For the moment, Citroën has opened reservations but has not indicated the price of this electric version, which the brand wants to make affordable.

The C3 is currently available in India with two petrol engines and two trim levels at prices up to a maximum of €8,600. This electric version will inevitably be much more expensive than its thermal counterparts due to the additional cost of the electric battery and the fact that certain elements are not made in India.

It seems that the price of this future electric C3 will be around 1,200,000 Rupees or around 13,500 Euros, which would make it a little more expensive than the electric Tata Tiago. However, its Indian rival has a 24 kWh battery coupled to a 61 hp electric motor and is much smaller than the C3 (3m75 against 3m99). It should also be noted that its fast-charging capacity is limited to 50kW against 85 for the C3 and that the C3 has more torque (143 Nm against 114 for the Tata) and a larger battery (29.2 kWh).

Finally, Citroën would also offer the C3 to fleet operators in India, without knowing if the two versions will be on the programme, it seems that only the Feel version will be offered. If Citroën manages to offer the electric C3 from €13,500, it would be a great success because, even if it is much more expensive than the thermal versions, it remains very accessible for a 100% electric car. It remains to be seen how it will fare in India, where competition is fierce and the market is still in its infancy.

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