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Stellantis: Vigo plant to close in 2023 at the highest level

The site of the Stellantis factory located in Vigo

After a particularly difficult year in 2022 due to the various shortages that affected production for long periods, the Stellantis factory in Vigo is preparing to end 2023 on a much more positive note, with the ambition of achieving a production record in 2024 and the announcement of major investments.

Component shortages and logistical problems affected the Vigo plant, which closed in 2022 with a relatively modest production volume of just over 400,000 units. Despite these challenges, Vigo maintained its status as the most productive plant in Spain thanks to successful models such as the Citroën Berlingo, Peugeot Partner/Rifter and Peugeot 2008. Thanks to these models, the Spanish plant is looking forward to 2023 with a 30% increase in production, which should reach around 540,000 units. This will make it the most productive Spanish plant in 2023, well ahead of Seat's Martorell plant, which will exceed 440,000 units. However, it remains below the record of 600,000 units that it had hoped to surpass in the last two years, but the external context did not allow it to do so.

This promising production volume for 2023 points to an even more prosperous year in 2024, when production risks will have disappeared and the models produced at the plant will have been redesigned. Production of the Peugeot 2008 is already underway, and production of the utility derivatives and VPs of the K9 programme (Citroën Berlingo, Peugeot Partner/Rifter, Opel Combo, etc.) is scheduled to start in March 2024. This should have a significant impact on production, as the recently redesigned versions represent significant advances in terms of design, technologies and connectivity.

However, 2024 should also see new investment in the Vigo plant, with the allocation of a new STLA Small platform for the Group's small cars. This platform is expected to be built in Vigo as well as in Zaragoza, thus securing the future of the two Spanish plants. The decision should be taken in the coming weeks, with the Group awaiting government support to announce it. Yesterday, the Vigo plant was visited by Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, who praised the qualities of the site, pointing out that Vigo offers the best conditions in terms of cost and quality, which should guarantee the approval of this massive investment, estimated at 600 million euros or more.

The Vigo plant will therefore close 2023 with relative peace of mind, before embarking on 2024, which promises to be a crucial year both in terms of production and the future. At the start of that year, the Citroën C-Elysée and Peugeot 301 will cease production and leave the plant to make way for the current models. However, this should not have a significant impact on production, which, if external conditions remain favourable, could allow Vigo to move a little closer to the 600,000 units produced over the year.

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