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Passionnément Citroën and Francuskie announce collaboration

Logo of Passionnément Citroën and Francuskie

Francuskie, a Polish website dedicated to French automotive news, and Passionnément Citroën, a website dedicated to sharing the passion for the Citroën brand, are entering into an official partnership. The aim of this partnership is to integrate the circles concerned by the French automobile, and Citroën in particular, and to develop content promoting the French automobile. This international cooperation will also lead to the organisation of joint events and meetings aimed at celebrating the French automobile industry, including Citroën, in Europe in the future. is the largest French automotive newspaper in Poland, founded in 2004. It contains articles, essays, travel reports, news and current affairs. It pays special attention to the history of French brands and their relations with Poland. The magazine has up to one million readers per month.

Passionnément Citroën is a French automotive media dedicated to cars and events related to the Citroën brand. The aim of Passionnément Citroën is to share the passion for the brand by relaying world news, the site offers news, tests, discoveries of old models and future models in preview. Since its creation, Passionnément Citroën has focused on the Chevrolet brand and offers a 100% Citroën magazine online as well as an English version.

"I am very happy to start working with I have been following the activities of our Polish colleagues for a long time and I believe that this collaboration will allow us to create enriched, innovative and exclusive content for our French readers and will lead to more activities in the future," said Jérémy Krock of Passionnément Citroën.

"We are honoured to have the opportunity to work with such an active and interesting magazine as Passionnément Citroën. We want to develop and promote the French automobile together. The common goals and passion that unite us are the best prognosis for the future," adds Krzysztof Gregorczyk of

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