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New Citroën C3: these unknown details that it hides from us, discover them exclusively

The new Citroën C3 in a shade of red

While the press tests are taking place in Austria, the new Citroën C3 is revealing the last of the secrets it has been carefully guarding since its unveiling last October. The styling details that the new C3 loves to use, such as the chevrons on the wheel arches or the labels on the door armrests, give this new C3 a special atmosphere, which it completes with unknown details that I invite you to discover exclusively.

Sold from € 14,900 in the thermal version and € 23,300 in the electric version, excluding deductions, the new Citroën C3 reflects the brand's desire to return to propositions that make cars accessible, after so much increase in recent years. But despite these reasonable prices, I remind you that the new C3 Max is 5,000 euros cheaper than the current generation, the brand's new versatile saloon is far from being a discount car, the brand having paid particular attention to the details style throughout the car. However, the new C3 had not shown us everything during previous presentations and on the cars delivered to customers it will include some styling details in its cabin that show how much the brand has taken care of the interior, hiding here and there some Easter eggs that it likes so much.

If the interior is full of interesting details, such as the chevrons engraved on the dashboard or the positive messages sewn into the armrests, the new C3 hides other details that emphasise Citroën's history as well as its birthplace, Paris. The right-hand side of the rear window features a silhouette of the City of Lights, including the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. On the other side of the rear window, on the left, Citroën has given the new C3 another silkscreen depicting the French Rooster, to show that the electric motor of the new C3 is made in France, as are the inverter and the reduction gear, designed, developed and manufactured at the eMotors factory in Trémery. The two screen prints on the rear window are only available on the Max version.

Citroën, a brand with more than a century of history, is also highlighting its long heritage, as the new C3 features a new silkscreen on the glove compartment lid, depicting a line of the brand's emblematic models, from the most recent, the Friend, to the oldest, the Traction Avant, the Méhari, the Type H and, of course, the 2CV. We may regret the absence of the 1955 DS, but Citroën has several automotive myths in its history and to be able to showcase five of them in 105 years of existence is already a source of immense pride.

With the new C3, Citroën is returning to its first love, building popular cars that are accessible to everyone, even electric. However, accessible and popular does not mean clean, and the new C3 proves this with all the details it cleverly hides in its cabin, giving it a modern and stylish atmosphere, far from being a budget car. Featuring the brand's new design for the first time in series production, the new C3 also shows how much attention the brand pays to the interior of its cars by multiplying the details, the famous Easter eggs, which highlight the immense heritage of the brand and of Paris.

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