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New Citroën C3: European orders open

The new electric Citroën C3 seen from behind in white colour with black roof.

Launched on 17 October, the new Citroën C3 will be marketed throughout Europe, three weeks after an early launch in France to take advantage of electric social leasing. Designed as an unconstrained electric saloon, the new C3 aims to be accessible while embodying Citroën's new philosophy. A look back at the various countries where it has been launched.

The new Citroën C3 will be launched in its 100% electric version before the thermal engines arrive soon. As in France, the new ë-C3 will only be offered in two trim levels, You and Max, throughout Europe with a so-called net pricing strategy where prices will be more or less similar in many countries.


The ë-C3 was launched on the Spanish market at the beginning of February in two trim levels, with a starting price of €23,800 for the You trim level and €28,300 for the high-end Max trim level, excluding government subsidies.

The equipment is similar to that offered in France, with the absence of a screen replaced by a smartphone station on the You version, while suspensions with double hydraulic stops are standard on all trim levels. On the Max version, Advanced Comfort seats are added, which should allow the C3 to offer a level of comfort worthy of a higher segment and unknown at this level of the range.

However, as in France, the Spanish government offers a subsidy for the purchase of electric cars, which allows the price of the new Citroën C3 You to be reduced to 19,300 euros for the You version, or even 16,800 euros if the customer scraps an old car. In the Max version, the new electric C3 is therefore accessible from €21,300, after deduction of the aid.

This makes the new C3 the most accessible electric car on the Spanish market, but without any restrictions: with a range of 300 km and a 113 hp engine, it can easily meet the needs of families.

Italy :

In Italy, Citroën follows the same pattern with only two trim levels, but is making an extra effort to make the C3 more accessible, not to mention the recent incentives for the purchase of electric cars in Italy, which will arrive shortly.

The new ë-c3 in You version starts at €23,900 while the Max version starts at €28,400, the latter benefiting from a purchase aid of €5,000 subject to the scrapping of an old car. However, Citroën has implemented the "Citroën Social Electric" formula, which makes the new C3 much more accessible.

Indeed, after an initial contribution of €6,300 including the €5,000 bonus, Citroën allows you to take advantage of the new electric C3 from €49/month in You finish for 36 months, an offer that includes the free charging wallbox.

Likewise, on the Max version, the leasing offered by Citroën includes a contribution of € 5,924 in addition to the aid of € 5,000 from the Italian State, then 36 rentals at € 99 / month.


Here, too, the new Citroën C3 electric is offered only in two versions, You and Max, with prices identical to those in France, namely €23,300 for the You version and €27,800 for the Max version.

The difference is due to the fact that Citroën offers the Winter Pack on the German market, which allows you to benefit from heated front seats as well as the steering wheel or windscreen, a pack available on both trim levels.

Thomas Goldboom, Managing Director of Citroën Germany, commented: "With the new Citroën C3, we are offering our customers a unique proposition: a small, well-equipped, fully electric car, developed and produced in Europe, with a lot of comfort, 100 kW fast charging and absolutely sufficient autonomy, at an extremely affordable price. It has always been important for Citroën to keep its cars affordable and we are confident that the ë-C3, with prices starting at €23,300, will be very attractive to many customers.


As in Germany, the new Citroën C3 is sold in Portugal at the same price as in France, namely €23,300 for the You version and €27,800 for the Max version, the only two available to order.

There is no purchase aid in Portugal, but Citroën allows you to benefit from the new C3 at attractive leasing rates. The new ë-C3 You is available from €139 per month after an initial deposit of €7,700 on a 36-month, 30,000 km lease. The Max version is available from €189 per month after an initial deposit of €8,250 and for 36 months and 30,000 kilometres.


Orders for the new C3 in Switzerland were opened on 5th February with, as everywhere in Europe, only two versions, You and Max, whose prices start from 24,690 Swiss francs for the You version (26,300 €), the prices of the Max version have not been communicated.

The Netherlands:

As elsewhere, orders were opened on 5 February with only two trim levels, You and Max, sold at the same price as in France, to which delivery costs must be added, i.e. from €24,290 and €28,790 respectively for the C3 You and Max, with individual customers benefiting from a subsidy of €2,950 on the list price of the two versions.

Citroën also offers a leasing deal, which is considerably more expensive than in France or Spain, with a monthly rent of €359 for the You version, reduced to €298/month after the subsidy; the Max is offered from €429/month and can also benefit from a government subsidy which reduces its price to €368/month.

The opening of orders for the new C3 marks a new step towards its commercial launch, which should take place in April-May, with the first deliveries starting in June, which will allow us to meet some of them on the holiday route. The new C3 is one of the most attractive offers on the various European markets, which should enable it to achieve good sales figures quickly, especially as the thermal versions will soon be presented and will also benefit from affordable prices, which should guarantee a very comfortable sales level for the new C3.

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