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New Citroën C3: already a success in Latvia

La nouvelle Citroën C3 en teinte bleu toit blanc

With more than 17,000 pre-orders recorded in Europe, including 8,500 in France since its launch last October, the new Citroën C3 proves that it has been able to reach the public and meet their expectations by offering a versatile electric car that is truly accessible without restrictions.

While the new C3 has been touring Belgium since 11 January, it has also been on display at certain dealerships in Latvia, allowing Latvian journalists to see it, especially those who were unable to attend the presentation on 17 October last year. This will allow them to get to know the new C3, train their sales staff and, at the same time, offer potential customers a preview and the opportunity to place an order.

The new C3 has already won over Belgian journalists, but Karlis Mendzins from Uzladets is also enthusiastic about the new C3: "The first thing I noticed was the new logo. The next thing that caught my attention was the shape. Forget the shape of the waterfall! This is about practicality, which is then subordinated to rationalities. To be honest, if you put the Volvo brand in front of it, I would easily pass it off as a Volvo," he says in a less flattering comparison.

But the most interesting thing is that Citroën has already taken the equivalent of 40% of the planned units on the Latvian car market, although the marketing has not really started and the C3 is not visible in all dealerships (it stays 2 days per dealer) and the brand does not communicate strongly about it, no advertising on TV or radio for example. For the whole of 2024, Citroën had planned to produce around 100 electric C3s, 40 of which have already been ordered, which should allow the brand to do much better than the 100 units planned, not counting the thermal versions in a Latvian market where electricity is not as widespread as in France, for example.

In conclusion, 100 units planned and therefore 40 ordered is not a significant volume, it is obvious that Latvia is a small market. However, this information bodes well for the new electric C3, which is getting off to an excellent start without any communication from the brand. Likewise, the C3 will be available in a thermal version, which will initially account for the majority of sales and for which orders have not yet been taken, which should allow the C3 to achieve even higher figures in Latvia.

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