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New Citroën C3 Aircross: starting price under €20,000?

Rear view of the new Citroën C3 Aircross

After a first presentation at the end of April, Citroën will unveil the second generation of the C3 Aircross on 19th June, a presentation that you can follow in detail on the site. This second generation will continue Citroën's new strategy of extremely well positioned prices, as the brand has shown with the new C3.

From its little sister, the new C3 Aircross will adopt the SmartCar stretched platform with a wheelbase of 2m67, the same as that of the C4, allowing the new C3 Aircross to offer a particularly spacious interior. The interior of this second generation model also adopts the dashboard of the new C3 with the C-Zen Lounge concept and the instrument panel located at the base of the windscreen, which, together with the small steering wheel, offers better visibility.

Like the new C3, the new C3 Aircross will be built on the Trnava lines, rather than in Spain like the current generation. It will offer electric motors with the resumption of the C3 engine and its LFP battery for a range of 300 km before a more generous battery gives it a range of 400 km. But above all the C3 Aircross will give pride of place to the 100 and 136 hybrid offers, which should represent the bulk of sales, while an access offer will always consist of a petrol engine equipped with the 100 horsepower Puretech now with chain.

A competitive offer

At a time when Thierry Koskas has confirmed the positioning of Citroën in head-to-head competition with Dacia, it is interesting to see what the Romanian brand offers with the new Duster to see where the new C3 Aircross could be positioned.

And on this subject, the new Dacia Duster starts at 19,690 Euros with a 100 hp Eco-G petrol engine. It is therefore quite relevant to think that the new C3 Aircross could also have a starting price just under €20,000, placing it directly in front of its Romanian competitor, which can be a good source of inspiration. if we look at the annual sales volume achieved in Europe, almost 155,000 units in 2023 compared to almost 62,000 for the current C3 Aircross.

Other clues suggest a particularly competitive offer for the new C3 Aircross, starting with the announced prices of the new Opel Frontera, cousin of this second generation C3 Aircross. The German SUV thus starts from 24,000 euros in a simple hybrid offer of also 100 hp, which suggests that the SUV with herringbones, equipped with a pure thermal engine, could well be located under 20,000 euros in starting price.

In conclusion, we will have all the information on this new C3 Aircross by 19 June, the date on which Citroën will lift the veil on its new urban SUV range and in particular on its interior. However, the brand could also take the opportunity to strike hard by announcing the base price, as it did for the new C3, knowing that the opening of orders for this new C3 Aircross could be done very quickly after the presentation. All indications are that the new C3 Aircross could start at less than €20,000, i.e. more than €4,000 below the base price of the current generation, thus confirming the brand's promise to make the car more accessible.

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