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New Citroën Berlingo 2024: see you on 23 October

Illustration of the restyled Citroën Berlingo 2024

After the new C3, Citroën will soon unveil another major innovation for the range: the restyling of the Berlingo, first in its Utility version and later in its VP version. This restyling will see the brand's new logo and design applied to a production car for the second time.

Less than a week after the presentation of the new C3, Citroën will continue with the presentation of the redesigned Berlingo. This presentation will take place together with six Stellantis brands, which will present all their new products on Monday 23rd October at 15.00. The Berlingo will not therefore be the only new Citroën model, as the Jumpy and Jumper will also be presented in their restyled versions, but still only for the utility versions.

However, the Berlingo is undoubtedly the most important vehicle in this presentation, as it represents the brand's largest volume and performs very well in several European countries. Above all, the presentation of the restyled Utility version will be an opportunity for individual customers to get a glimpse of the restyled version, as there should no longer be any different faces between the LCV and VP versions. This will be the second time the new logo has been used on a production vehicle and the first time it has been used on a restyling of an existing vehicle, as opposed to the C3, which was brand new.

Like the latter, we should find the front headlights in a single block, but on two levels, since the Berlingo should receive the same feedback as the C3 projector, integrating one of the horizontal LED bars of the new visual signature. Indeed, the Berlingo will receive this new signature, which will be applied to all the models in the range by 2025, as well as the black grille that will link the headlights to the new logo, which will be verticalised for the occasion, as on the new C3, and which we invite you to discover in the image at the beginning of this article.

The presentation of this new Berlingo and the Jumpy and Jumper will therefore take place this Monday, 23 October, at the same time as the restyled versions of other brands, as Stellantis announces the creation of ProOne, which aims to make the group the world leader in commercial vehicles.

The restyling of the Berlingo will therefore be interesting to follow, as will those of the Jumper and Jumpy, since it will show a new application of the brand's revised design. The presentation of the special versions of the Berlingo and Jumpy, called SpaceTourer, should therefore follow quickly, which will allow the range to benefit from a really welcome revival after a few months without strong news.

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