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New Citroën Ami Pop 2024: more personality

The new Citroën My Ami Pop 2024 front view

Available since the launch of Ami in 2020, the Pop version is one of the most successful personalisation options and has made Ami a favourite with young people. For the end of the year, Citroën is modifying the Pop version slightly to give it more personality.

A dynamic exterior style

Ami has been a real success for Citroën, with more than 43,000 units sold since its launch, 80% of them in the personalised versions My Ami Ami (blue, grey, khaki), My Ami Vibe and the one that interests us today, My Ami Pop. After the launch of My Ami Tonic, it is the Pop version that Citroën is revising at the end of the year, with subtle cosmetic changes that further integrate Ami into the brand's new style direction.

The front of the car has been slightly modified by the introduction of black headlamp bezels, which complement the black strip under the windscreen that connects the turn indicators and the protective ski that bears the brand's chevrons. . The new stickers on the doors and the quarter panels stand out, replacing the orange of the previous version with Citroën Infrared Red, the brand's signature colour. The new door badge is more distinctive and retains the number 2 from the current version, which is a lucky number for Ami, as Antoine Gaillot-Drevon points out: "2 is the lucky number for Citroën Ami: 2 passengers, 2 identical doors, 2 identical front and rear badges, 2 identical wings...".

This number 2 is reduced to make room for graphic elements inspired by the world of gamers, such as a stylised circle and a triangle, two very simple and graphic shapes.

The new Citroën My Ami Pop 2024 side view

On the rear window, a new animation is created by abandoning the three previous lines in favour of a circle treated as a half, a full and a net. This reinforces the graphic style of this new pop version and is reminiscent of the circle on the capsule at the bottom of the doors.

All this leads Antoine Gaillot-Drevon, exterior designer, to say: "With this new front end, we wanted to make the New My Ami Pop striking and recognisable to everyone, even from 100 metres away. With its rear spoiler, My Ami Pop already has an unmistakably sporty silhouette. With new colours and graphics, these styling attributes reinforce Ami's energetic character and reflect the responsive and dynamic driving of electric mode.

A slightly revised interior

On the occasion of the presentation of this My Ami Pop 2024, Citroën has announced slight changes to the interior of the Ami to make it more comfortable. The main change is the transfer of the gearbox controls from the driver's seat to the centre console, which will make driving much easier as the buttons were sometimes difficult to find instinctively.

Now all the commands are more visible and easier to select. For example, in addition to the RND buttons, the AMI user will easily find the USB socket, the ventilation control, the hazard alarm and the heating/defrosting controls. Already available on the My Ami Buggy 2 version, this new drive selector will be available on all Ami versions in the first quarter of 2024.

The interior of the Citroën My Ami Pop 2024
The interior of the Citroën My AMi Buggy 2

The new Citroën My Ami Pop is already available to order at a price of €8,890 for deliveries in the first quarter of 2024. This new version will be available in all Ami markets, 12 in total, with the addition of Switzerland, La Réunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Denmark, Slovenia and Bulgaria, which will make it possible to increase the success of this small urban flea, which has already sold more than 43,000 units in its three-year career.


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