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March 2023 review - ITALY car market

As elsewhere, the Italian car market recovered strongly in March thanks to an improvement in production and deliveries. Some 168,294 units found buyers on the Italian market in March, an increase of 40.8%, but despite this the market remains below the level of 2019, when almost 194,000 cars were sold, a fall of 13%.

In this context, sales of the

  • ALFA ROMEO, up 267.12% to 2,992 units for a market share of 1.78%.

  • CITROËN, up 3.39% to 7,280 units for a market share of 4.33

  • DS rose by 26.03% to 828 units, giving a market share of 0.49%.

  • FIAT rose 11.44% to 17,379 units for a market share of 10.33%.

  • JEEP were up 80.99% to 7,998 units for a market share of 4.75%.

  • LANCIA were up 40.26% to 5,059 units for a market share of 3.01%.

  • MASERATI 469 units

  • OPEL are up 50.73% to 6,911 units for a market share of 4.11%.

  • PEUGEOT rose by 10,589 units for a market share of 6.29%.

In total, Stellantis sales are 59,505 units, up 36.94% for a market share of 35.36%, the group being very much the leader, achieving a better performance than the Volkswagen group (+35.72% for a market share of 14.96%). All the group's brands benefited from this, with a more moderate increase for Citroën, which is explained by a good month of March 2022, when the brand had performed better than the market, unlike the other brands in the group.

In terms of models, the C3 is the brand's best-selling model with 3,887 units, placing it 7th in overall sales and 4th in its segment. It is followed by the C3 Aircross, which ranks 27th with 1,837 units and 10th in its segment. The C5 Aircross, on the other hand, came 37th in overall sales with 1,270 units sold. Finally, the C4 sold 408 units, which puts it in 9th place in its segment, just behind the Peugeot 308 (414 units), both of which were overtaken by the DS 4, which sold 419 units. It should be noted that 66 C5 Xs were sold in Italy in March, placing it 7th in its segment and ahead of the Peugeot 508 (38 units).

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