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Live your passion with the Citroën Aventure

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Since 1919, Citroën has been a brand that stands out in a landscape where its innovations and daring have long revolutionised the automobile. From the very first Type A, which made the automobile accessible to all, to the latest C3, which has the same goal for the electric car, Citroën is not like the others, it has that little something that makes it unique.

With its impressive heritage, Citroën is the most collectible car brand in France and one of the first in the world. Almost all Citroën models have left their mark on their era, which is why the brand still holds a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts.

Passion for Citroën can be expressed for many reasons, and the Citroën Adventure is one of the most important. In fact, L'Aventure Citroën offers several services to satisfy your passion for the brand's models, in particular a complete package for buying spare parts or restoring your vehicle, but also for identifying and/or certifying an old Citroën model.

To support the Citroën Adventure, you can join the Citroën Adventure Support Association and benefit from advantages depending on the formulas you choose. In fact, you can join the Citroën Adventure in three different ways:

  • Supporting member: Starting at €26, this formula allows you to benefit from a discount on visits to the Citroën Conservatory, a 20% discount on technical research and a 10% discount on products from the shop.

  • Active member: From €54 per year, this formula reduces the entrance fee to the Conservatory to €12 and offers several discounts on the various services provided by Aventure Citroën, including discounts on the various trade fairs in which Aventure participates.

  • Benefactor member: This ultimate formula makes you a benefactor of Aventure, allowing it to benefit from solid resources for its development. At €170, the Benefactor subscription offers you the best of Citroën Adventure, with access to the Conservatory at €8 instead of €20 and discounts on all Adventure services, including 5% on vehicle maintenance and restoration, not to mention discounts on certain motor shows.

Of course, the Citroën Adventure is also the brand's conservatory, where almost 300 vehicles are on display, retracing the entire history of the brand, from its creation to the latest concepts, a unique place in Aulnay sous bois that gives you a certain emotion when you visit it. As a member, self-guided tours of the Citroën Conservatory are free of charge, whatever your level of membership. You must first contact the Conservatory by e-mail at the following address:

The price of the visits indicated according to your level of membership therefore refers to the guided tours of the Conservatory, which can only take place on the last Saturday of each month by booking directly with Aventure Citroën.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that three new cars have been added to the Conservatory collection, two of which are eagerly awaited: the CXpérience and Ami One concepts.

We are all passionate about Citroën, and this passion is expressed in different ways for each of us, for some through the ownership of one or more vintage Citroëns. That is why Citroën Adventure is an excellent way to satisfy your passion, to be part of a privileged club that allows you to demonstrate your love for Citroën even more. All the selected packages allow you to benefit from discounts, in particular on guided tours of the Conservatory, an important place in the history of the brand, where its immense heritage impresses and reminds us of the importance of the Citroën brand.

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