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January 2024: The Citroën C3 becomes the top-selling car in Greece

The Citroën C3 seen from above in a red tint

After an incredible year in 2023, which allowed Citroën to increase its sales and enter the top 5 brands on the Greek market, Citroën continues on this path in January 2024, recording a new strong increase in its sales and placing the C3 at the top of the sales.

On a Greek market that grew by 21.1% to 12,752 units, Citroën had a good start to the year with a 24.1% increase to 1,278 units, giving the brand a 10% market share, higher than in France during the same period. The brand also climbed to third place in terms of sales, up two places from January 2023. Citroën is also the second Stellantis brand, a few units behind Peugeot (1,291 units and + 35.6%).

In terms of models, the Citroën C3 is therefore the leader in sales on the Greek market at the start of the year with 1,064 units, the only car to exceed the 1,000 unit mark. The C3 recorded a sales increase of 38.4% and a market share of 8.3%, almost one point ahead of the second best-seller, the Toyota Yaris with 938 units.

With this impressive figure, the C3 represents the vast majority of Citroën sales on the Greek market (83%!), leaving crumbs for other models. Starting with the C3 Aircross, which fell by 46.4% to 120 units and 33rd place in overall sales. The C4, for its part, increased by 285.4% to 54 units sold, but it is not the first compact sedan from Stellantis, as it is ahead of the Peugeot 308 whose sales amounted to 60 units, an increase of 233.3%.

In the commercial vehicle sector, Citroën had a very good month in January in a market which fell by 15.6% to 869 units. The brand's sales showed an increase of 3.8 points in market share to 11.28% with 98 units sold. This puts Citroën in 4th place in terms of sales on this market, again behind Peugeot (127 units).

In conclusion, after an excellent 2023, Citroën is in very good shape on the Greek market. The year 2024 will therefore begin under the best auspices for the brand, which hopes to make this return to the top of the Greek market by benefiting in particular from the arrival of new products, including the new C3, which will have a hard time competing with a predecessor that is clearly a constant success.

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