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In India, Citroën starts exporting the C3

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Since the presentation of the new C3 in September 2021, Citroën has announced that it would use its Indian plant in Thiravillur to export the right-hand drive C3 to all countries in the Indo-Pacific region. This is now a reality, as the brand has just signed an export agreement with the Kamarajar port.

This is a second step for Citroën in India, as the factory it owns will be able to export its vehicles to all the ASEAN countries (particularly the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand), but also to Africa, as Citroën is counting on the new C3 to develop its international presence. The brand will therefore use its Indian base to produce the C3 for the various countries where right-hand drive is mandatory, which will allow the plant to ramp up and strengthen the profitability of Stellantis in India.

At the end of this signing with the Port of Kamarajar, Roland Bouchara, CEO of Stellantis India, said, "This partnership with the Port of Kamarajar reinforces Stellantis' 'India for all' philosophy, which will leverage India's unique manufacturing export potential. In 2019, we started exporting powertrains from our Hosur plant and with the start of exports of the new C3 as a CBU this year, we are marking an important milestone in our journey in India. We have created a 360-degree ecosystem that is delivering strong results for the Group and we will continue to develop it".

For his part, Guy Lederer, Supply Chain and Logistics Manager for India, Asia-Pacific at Stellantis, said, "The Kamarajar port meets all Citroën's requirements to export vehicles from India as part of its internationalisation strategy.The Kamarajar port is an important port in India's maritime logistics ecosystem and will be used to export Citroën vehicles manufactured in India from the Smart Car platform to the world."

This second phase of the Stellantis project for Citroën in India will therefore enable the brand to start exporting its vehicles to strengthen its presence in the region's markets, with the aim of increasing the brand's global sales.

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