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Future DS 7: even more upscale

The ASL concept of DS automobiles will strongly inspire the second generation of the DS 7 SUV

The DS 7 is a success for DS which has allowed the brand to take its place on the premium market, at least in France. After a fairly substantial restyling in 2022, the DS 7 will be completely renewed by 2025 with a dual mission: even more upscale and electric.

Made in Italy

The second generation of DS 7 should therefore be launched in the course of 2025 and will carry a new stage in the development of the DS brand which will switch to a 100% electric brand with the D85 project, technical sister of the D74 program which will give life to the future DS 7.

Based on the STLA Medium platform, formerly eVMP and major evolution of the EMP2, this future generation of DS 7 will benefit from the advances of this platform to offer electric engines that are both powerful and efficient capable of offering honorable performance on long distances since this future DS 7 will offer batteries, from the ACC factory in Billy-Berclau, which will offer particularly long ranges capable of exceeding 700 km.

The result of a joint program between DS, Opel and Lancia, this future DS 7 will be built at the Melfi plant in Italy alongside its technical cousins and the future D85 which will sit slightly above it.

A style from the ASL concept

The style of the future DS 7 should mark a clear evolution compared to the current generation with a much more salient style, a concept that promotes aerodynamics to gain efficiency, which is exactly what the Aero Sport Lounge concept presented by DS in 2020 and which already distilled some interesting clues about this future DS7.

Like the concept, the future DS 7 should offer a more inclined rear window which will benefit from a slightly increased length, close to 4m65, to gain in habitability and trunk volume. The style will be more salient with less chrome in the vein of the restyled DS 7 but with tighter and much more elaborate lines.

The front panel should take up the codes announced by the E-Tense performance concept presented in 2022, which DS had clearly claimed would inspire the style of the brand's future front panels. Thus, there will be very fine lights with garlands of LEDs that descend to the bottom of the shield framing an enlarged grille, will DS go so far as to offer a screen as a grille as on the concept?

In conclusion, the first generation of DS 7 is a success for DS which has proven that it has been legitimate in the Premium segment, as evidenced by customer requests for more powerful and higher-end engines. This future DS 7 will have to capitalize on the achievements of the first generation while distinguishing itself from it to impose itself more on a premium market where electrification will fold the cards and where DS intends to take advantage of it to carry out its game.


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