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Future Citroën saloon: what if it were called C3 X?

Esquisse d'une Citroën C3 qui pourrait inspirer la future C3 X

Citroën is committed to an international development plan, in particular through the C-Cubed programme, which will offer a range of three vehicles for India, South-East Asia and Latin America. After the C3 and C3 Aircross, the first information about this third silhouette which will arrive in 2024.

After two bodies with strong SUV accents, the new C3 and the C3 Aircross, Citroën is working on a third silhouette which will take the form of a three-box saloon with a boot like the C4 X, from which it will be strongly inspired.

In fact, the first rumours about this third silhouette in the C-Cubed range point to a body that would adopt the fastback look offered by the new C4 X in Europe, a saloon that, like its big sister, would mix the codes of saloon, SUV and coupé to offer an elegant line, a true crossover in short.

This new saloon, which everyone is already calling, quite logically, C3 X, will be marketed in 2024 and will most likely be presented in the first half of 2024, where it will allow Citroën to extend its range to cover more segments and thus further develop its sales.

This future C3 X will therefore be a saloon with a boot, a very popular body style in South America, and will compete in particular with the Volkswagen Virtus, a Polo with a boot that is not marketed in Europe. This future Citroën, like its sisters in the C-Cubed range, will be built at the Porto Real plant for South America, but also in India at the Stellantis plant in Thiruvallur, but should not be offered in Europe, it would therefore be a body specific to these regions.

Based on the same CMP platform as the C3 and C3 Aircross, this future Citroën C3 X should use the wheelbase of the C3 Aircross, i.e. 2m67 for a length which should be around 4m40, more or less the length of its German competitor. placing it as a worthy descendant of the C-Elysée.

Citroën's news will be devoted to the C3 Aircross for this part of the world for the moment and the first prototypes of this future C3 X would only be visible towards the end of this year before an official presentation in 2024. This will be the third vehicle in the C-Cubed range, which will finally allow us to see if the brand's strategy of offering a range of three vehicles adapted to local consumers is paying off and if it will really allow Citroën to develop its international sales.

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